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December 23, 2010
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He was becoming uncomfortable. Those soulless eyes of hers. The dance was already awkward enough but her eyes. There was so much mystery behind them and yet nothing to them at all. Perhaps it was all in his head? There was a certain look in the small girls eyes. A stunning look of either fear or striking fear. He wasn't quite sure which. At this point he was a bit too nervous to look at her. This felt odd. She was so much smaller than him. Her face filled with so much color and her eyes-- dull and timeless. Him? He was tall, pale skinned. His eyes were he brightest spot on his body. People stared at the two as they waltzed by. Was this so strange?

Liechtenstein had invited Prussia to the Christmas ball out of, what seemed like, pity. She felt sorry for him after hearing that Switzerland and Austria refused to let him attend. Liechtenstein felt bad for him. She was a sweet girl. Perfect one might say. That one being Prussia. Lili was cute and small. She had naturally pink lips and her cheeks rosy. Her hair was short and a precious golden color. This particular night it was tied up in a bun in a purple ribbon. She looked older this way.

After being invited to the Christmas ball she insisted they dance together. He figured this was another thing she was doing out of pity but her voice was sweet and it was an offer he couldn't refuse. Prussia made sure to keep an eye out for Vash who was most likely already staring him down. He didn't want anything to ruin this moment. The moment between him and Lili. The two danced for hours without any interruption. It would have been perfect if he didn't constantly become fearful of those eyes of hers. As pretty as they might have been there was no life in them. Which scared almost everyone.
"L-Lili, why do you keep staring at me like that?" Prussia asked. The whole night she had been staring very blankly at his face. Which made him nervous.
"Staring at you like what?" Liechtenstein replied without her face moving much.
"N-nothing." Prussia laughed almost like it was joke but he was actually nervous.

Liechtenstein was amazed at the way Prussia moved. He was slow but had a firm grip on her back. Even though he was so much taller than her he seemed perfectly balanced. Prussia didn't see it but she was also keeping an eye out for Vash. She had already spotted him looking in her direction but he didn't move. He looked angry, then shocked, and then....and then he didn't do anything at all. It was completely out of the ordinary. Usually he would attack Gilbert. Not that she minded much. She was too busy admiring Gilbert's face to notice her brother's out of character display. Prussia was charming. Pale as his face might have been it was strong and attractive. The thought made her blush. Which, in return, made Prussia blush. 'It's hard too look at a face like that and not turn red.' he thought to himself. Finally the song had ended. Prussia saw his opportunity and dashed off to catch his breath. Once outside, the man pulled himself together. He figured he could get through the night so long as he didn't think about being with her so much as being with her. If there was really even any difference. He walked back inside to find her and Vash speaking to each other. She seemed happier. The color seemed to have jumped right back into her eyes. Gilbert was disappointed. He thought he might have been getting through to her but maybe he wasn't even close? He turned away to leave the place. Better he left now than stayed the whole party only to be ignored. Maybe he didn't belong with these "classy" people.
"I'm too awesome for this crap anyways." He mumbled to himself. Suddenly, a halt in his movement. Switzerland had a firm grip on his shoulder. This stunned him in fear. The color, what little color, suddenly flushed from his face. "L-l-look man, we were just dancing I didn't do anything I--"
"Yes, you were dancing. Now, get back there and finish dancing with my sister before I pop a cap so far up your ass you won't shit for a month." Vash released Prussia.
"......the hell?" Prussia was confused and it seemed like no other words could escape him mouth except for...'the hell'.
"My sister....Lili....she seemed happy. When she was dancing with you. I hate you. I hate you a lot but....if she doesn't mind you then..I guess I can let her have a little fun."
"Happy?" Prussia stupidly pointed to himself in disbelief.
"Yes you! Now, get the hell back in there!" Vash was becoming angered by Prussia's stupidity. He directed him back in. His face might have even been redder than Prussia's. This wasn't something he'd ordinarily do. He grabbed Lili and Prussia and pushed them together. He was stepping away when a sudden thought crossed his mind. "Prussia, I will be watching so mind. Your. Hands." He stepped away with out another word.
"Buzz kill, much?" Prussia sighed. Liechtenstein giggled.
"You're funny Mr. Gilbert. Should we keep dancing?" The look on her face sent a wave of heat through his body. 'She's so cute~' he thought. He tried to act cool and aloof.
"If you want to. I mean, I was dragged back in here by your psycho brother." He was becoming even redder looking at the smile on her face as she laughed once more.
"I'm sorry. He just gets really worried about me, you know? He's a good guy. I love my big brother." Lili smiled and reached for Prussia's hand. He took her hand and then the rest of her body and whisked her away.

The dance was finally over and it was time for everyone to leave. They made a big fuss over Austria's musical abilities-- he was playing the piano and instructing the performers the whole time. Prussia could only focus on the smile across Lili's face. Her lips were still pink. They looked small...and soft. He pulled himself out of his thoughts. 'Vash would skin me alive if he knew I was even thinking about kissing his little sister. He'd--' Prussia was suddenly jerked out of his thoughts when the small girl grabbed his face, pulled him down, and planted a soft kiss on his cheek.
"Thank you for dancing with me Mr. Prussia." She smiled at him innocently. Prussia nearly passed with all the blood that quickly rushed out and back into his head.
"Yeah... dancing...thanks." Prussia didn't know what else to say and he couldn't help the satisfied smile that crept on his face. Switzerland has spotted them from a far and was about ready to tackle the pale man if it weren't for Austria who had spotted them as well and rushed over to hold Vash back.
'It's not a real kiss but, it's a start.' Prussia thought.
"Would you walk me home now? I can't find my brother in this mess of people." Lili asked innocently.
"Yeah, I'll walk you." Prussia reached for her hand and the two left together.
"I'LL. KILL. YOU." Switzerland screamed as he was pulled to the floor by numerous other countries who held him back as well.
Merry Christmas, this isn't too Christmas themed but that's because I don't want to write about Christmas anymore >:I xD

I threw in a little Christmas stuff and it does take place in winter so....take it bitch.

This is for :iconsabaku-no-ame:
I'm really glad I have a friends like you. You deal with my insane bull shit and you enjoy me for my creepiness. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. MERRY FUCKING CHIRSTMAS. :I

Merry Christmas mah little protege.

You asked for it and you got it:
P A R T 2: [link]

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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