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The sight was over-whelming in a way. Everything about her and the garden seemed to match perfectly. Her eyes, they were soft with the colour and the shine the grass, leaves, and trees. The colour of her dark-magenta dress faded into the rows of vibrant flowers. Her hair gave off certain radiance much like that of the sun. When the sun dropped her silhouette as she sat became a flower itself. Staring at Lily sitting in the garden, on its own, could be an 8th wonder to the world. At least, in Gilbert's eyes she was. All he saw was her and then....the floor.

"Stop gawking at her you creep!" Gilbert heard the not as tender-voice of her beloved brother, Vash. He hit Gilbert in the back of the head, sending him to the floor.
"Stop staring at who?! Man, what is wrong with you!" Gilbert stood and grabbed Vash's collar. Suddenly the small hands of the girl glided across onto his. For a moment he felt the softness of her fragile hands and then the firmness of her bone-crushing grip. It felt as if the bones in his hand might have broken.

"Do not touch my brother." That soul-shattering glance of her's shot straight into him before he let go and pulled his hand back to check on it. It was red from where she had squeezed. He looked up and noticed her now looking disappointed in her dear brother.

"Brother, we have a guest. You must behave." Vash nodded and hung his head in shame.

"How's that fair? You get a wave of the finger and now I can't even use mine!" Gilbert said jokingly.

"Please, let us just continue the day without any more fighting. Please?" She looked at them with a sweet pleading look in her eyes. She could stop an entire World War with this face and a simple 'Please?'. The two nodded and she stepped away. As soon as she was out of the room the two glared at one another.

"I know how you feel about her and don't think I'll let my sister be taken by some like you--"

"Like me?" Gilbert cut him off.

"One who spends their life in a debauch." Vash snapped.

"A...what? What?" Gilbert was never very bright but he was at least able to tell when he was being insulted. Unfortunately, without really knowing what he was being "called" he was unable to think of a better come-back.

"Oh, for God's sake, I mean a pervert, a creep, a--"

"Brother, Mr. Gilbert. Are you coming?" Lily called for them.

"Yes, Lily. We're heading right down the hall as we speak." Vash lied, then gave Gilbert a threatening look "I let you go after the ball because she begged but I swear, if you touch her, I'll--"

"You'll what?" Gilbert smirked.

"I'll...whatever." Vash gave in finally and paced down the hall to his sister who was waiting in the sitting room. Gilbert smirked in satisfaction over his small victory and followed soon after.

When the two walked in they marveled at the lunch Lily had prepared. With great comeliness she picked up a pot of tea and poured, slow, smooth, and equal amounts of tea into each cup. With but a single movement of her hand and extension of her arm she had the whole table prepared. She looked over to the two of them and gave each a warm inviting smile just before taking her seat. Even the way she approached her chair seemed to have some sort of elegance to it. The way the lace of her dress fluttered up for a moment just before her landing changed the atmosphere of the room completely from a simple lunch among friends to a sumptuous café. For a moment they forgot their petty jealousy of each other and sat next to her. She handed them their tea and food. Vash took his carefully not wanting to spill a thing. When Lily turned to Gilbert a sudden twitch of his finger as he was grasping the handle sent the cup to the floor. As the cup shattered so did Vash's vision of his sister being a gentle waitress.

"You see what you've done now?!  You gone and broke the damn cup!" Vash stood, enraged. Gilbert winced in pain of the hot tea. Lily leaned towards him to wipe him off.

"Hey, man. It was an accident! It's not like I'm trying to break your dishes!" Gilbert stood as well, the sudden movement threw Lily back into her chair.

"Yes you are! I'm starting to think you'll do just about anything to make me mad!" Vash pointed a finger in his face.

"Why would I even bother trying? You get pissed at the slightest thing I do! Jesus, it's like I can't even fucking breath too loud!" Gilbert smacked Vash's hand and grabbed a hold of his shirt once again, pulling him across the small table.

"Do not swear in front of my sister!" Vash gripped Gilbert's wrists attempting to pull him off.

"Why not? You just did and I--"

"Oh shut up will you?" Gilbert and Vash stopped and stared at Lily who had just shouted this. "The both of you, really! I don't know why you two always fight, honestly! And it's always over the stupidest thing.!" Lily paused. Her eyes grew wide and her face flushed. "O-oh, I'm...I'm so terribly sorry. I don't know what came over me...ah...excuse me for a moment, please." Lily stood suddenly, clasped her mouth, and ran out the room.
The two seated themselves. Both hesitated to look at each other.

"...I still think it's your fault." Vash mumbled.

"The hell it's my fault! You're the one who's going over-protective sister-complex on me!" Gilbert flailed in anger.

"I do not have a sister-complex!" Vash flushed.

"Oh yes you do. You feel the same way about her that I do! And I'm the creep? Talk about 'da-bauwch' or whatever!" Gilbert stopped. He knew he taken it too far this time. The white haired man threw his head in the other direction and looked at the floor tiling.
Vash didn't retaliate, he didn't scream, or hit him. He didn't even move. His face dropped, as did his body into the chair, and he looked down at the ground with the same shameful face he had exposed before when Lily yelled at him. Gilbert was surprised to see the man look so defeated. Guilt quickly ran over him. "Look, dude I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, okay? It was a joke!" Gilbert smiled nervously.


"You're right. I'm just a pervert aren't I? I know we aren't truly related but she looks to me as a brother and I do think I am taking advantage of her. I treat her more like a ward or a fiancé than I do as my sister." Vash looked up at Gilbert. After hearing these words an ocean of unease flooded Gilbert. "Please, go talk to my sister. Make sure she's alright." Vash's face was still. As if her were in some sort of shock.

"Maybe you should talk to her, she trusts you more and--"

"She shouldn't," He paused "please, go see Lily." Vash never looked away from Gilbert for a moment. He moved his head towards the door, signaling that it was okay. Gilbert gave in and headed towards the door. He stopped at the door and paused for a moment.
"I think I'll step outside for a minute or two first, 'kay?" He paused again and then headed out.

Gilbert did just as he said and stepped outside for a moment. He quickly pulled out his cell phone and dialed the number of the one person who he felt could re-install his confidence. The phone rang for a moment before anyone picked up.

"Hey hey Gil, mah man. 'Sup?" Alfred's overly cheerful voice could cheer up anyone.

"Hey, man. I've got a problem." Gilbert headed towards a pillar and leaned against it with his free hand.

"Huh? Problem? What is it?" Alfred questioned.

"I'm at Lily's and--"

"Dude, seriously? Of course you've got a problem her psyco bro is trying to kill you." Alfred shouted into Gilbert's ear. An eye-roll was implied in his tone of voice.

"Yeah, that's kinda what it's about. We were fighting and all, the two of us, and she got mad. She ran out the room." Gilbert leaned back on the pillar. "What should I do?"

"Really, dick? Really? You don't know what to do?" Alfred asked sarcastically.

"Uhm..." Gilbert scratched the back of his head.

"Oh...shit, your serious. You're in some deep shit here. Have you tried talking to her?" Alfred seemed concerned.

"Yeah...well, no, not yet." Gilbert admitted.

"Dude, get your ass over there and comfort her." Alfred sounded irritated.

"What? This sounds weird coming from you." Gilbert bounced back off the pillar.

"Look, you really like this chick right? I know it's the the "cool" thing to do but you've got to apologize, man. The future of this relationship with her depends on this moment. Right here, right now." Alfred sounded serious, which, was rare.

"You're making this sound like it's a life-or-death situation. Also, this sounds really weird coming from you but...I guess you have a point." Gilbert walked over to the edge of the floor. He looked down into the small drop and then over to the stairs that lead down to the ground.

"Of course I've got a point! Damn, I'd think you out of all people would know how to handle bitches." Another eye-roll was implied.

"Hey!" Gilbert snapped back into himself.

"I mean lovely-little-ladies, whatever, you get the point. Look, it still stands-- whether it's your best friend, your girlfriend, or even your mom. When you fuck shit up you need to apologize or you will never be forgiven. I'm serious. I would know. I am, like, the all-time-fucking-king of fucking shit up far worse than it's already been done because I didn't want to apologize. Never forgiven. Never."

"This isn't making me feel better." Gilbert's face dropped and he shook his head. He couldn't help but smile though knowing that what he had just said was probably the truth.

"Jus' gow do 't." It sounded as if Alfred's mouth was full.

"Are you...are you eating? While I'm having a crisis?!" Gilbert looked at his phone in disbelief, although, it was Alfred he was talking to after all. Hearing the munching sounds from his phone speakers actually made him feel a little better. Like this was seriously Alfred who was seriously trying to help. Gilbert looked out past the edge of the floor and into the garden where the sky was turning just a bit darker now as the afternoon approached.

"Yeah, I am. Stop stalling and go talk to her, now before it's too late." Alfred's voice was now demanding.

"Thanks, man. Your awesome, bye."  Gilbert had decided.

"You too, and your welcome." Gilbert hung up the phone and rushed down the corridor. He spotted a piece of Lily's dress from behind a wall. With his confidence restored he was prepared to, maybe, finally tell Lily how he felt. He grabbed a hold of her shoulder and smiled. He was going to make it up to her no matter what. Lily jumped in his hand and turned to look at him. Without warning all confidence drained from his body. He was left as nervous as he was scared. His firm grip on her grew weak and his hand dropped. Looking into her sweet sad face was making him feel like an absolutely horrible human being...


Lily ran down the corridor and hid behind a wall. Of course she knew it was bound to happen, her losing her temper that is. 'Why did they have to be so rude to one another?' she thought. She loved her dear brother so much and Gilbert...Lily shook the thoughts of Gilbert she had out of her head. In order for anything to work she was going to have to forget about him. Her mind was made-up. She held her breath and closed her eyes and all of the feelings she had for him left her. She looked down for but a single moment and then jumped at the hand that abruptly rested itself upon her shoulder. She turned to see Gilbert who seemed confident. He stood strong with a smirk on his face and a firm grip on her. He was...actually pretty charming. All of a sudden that faded and he was left pale, quivering, and his hand slid off her shoulder and back to his side to dangle.


Vash sat alone in the room staring at his own hands for a long time. He remembered hugging Lily and patting her on the head. He thought about how he always held her waist as they walked together and holding her hand when she was scared. Well, she was never actually scared, he was just paranoid. Vash started to wonder if it had always been this way. If he had always thought this way of Lily but was too afraid to admit it, even to himself. Vash stood and walked towards the window. He had been sitting there for so long that he didn't notice the time. The sky was a bit darker. If you weren't looking right at it you'd never probably notice. He began to think about how Gilbert and Lily have interacted with each other. She was surprisingly open with him and invited him over often. Maybe she had some feels for him as well? Vash started to think about the real reasons he might not have like Gilbert. All that came to mind was jealousy. Well, that and the fact that Gilbert was a loud-mouthed womanizer. Vash thought carefully about how he and Lily would be together. In a way the two were a perfect balance for each other. Gilbert was a stubborn but easily gave-in to Lily's requests, not that she ever made any difficult ones. Lily was small and even though she could easily fend for her brother there was always the concern for her safety, Gilbert could easily have easily taken down anyone to get near her. In fact, he might even go far enough to kill for her and start whole wars. Vash paused and shut his eyes for a moment to clear his head so as to come up with a final decision. When he opened his eyes again the decision had been made-- he would let Gilbert try. He would stay out of his way as much as comfortably possible.


"Is there a problem Mr. Prussia?" Lily asked irritated. Prussia? Not in a long time had Lily called him something so impersonal. This brought him back into himself.

"Uhm, well I came over here to apologize for--"

"You have nothing to apologize for." Lily brushed his hand away from her. She stodd straight throwing him back a little. "Please leave, I will talk to my brother."
"Leave? No wait," Gilbert pleaded. Lily looked back at him, "I mean, it's just that, you should give me a chance, to apologize that is." Lily turned and stared. "I'm sorry I dropped the tea, I'm sorry me and your brother fought, he's sorry about that too, I'm sorry I made you upset." Lily looked down at her shoes again. When she looked at Gilbert she realized her feelings for him hadn't wavered. They hadn't left her at all. The apology might have even made them a bit stronger. Of course, she wasn't going to confess, not just yet. "And," Lily was pulled from her thoughts, "I'm sorry I scared you, just now, with the grabbing of your shoulder and all." He patted his shoulder as his said this and let out a desperate sounding chuckle. Lily looked up and smiled. She let out a soft giggle which melted Gilbert's cool-but-nervous-exterior turning him back into another sniveling fancier.

"Thank you, Gilbert. Let's go meet up with my brother now?" Lily smiled.

"Yeah, sure." Lily turned and hurried along and Gilbert was left watching her glide down the corridor. Once they arrived back into the room Lily gave her brother a hug. She whispered something to him that Gilbert didn't get a chance to hear. Vash simply sighed and smiled. He grasped a hold of Lily's hands and stared at them before shaking them a bit and placing them back at her side. He was nervously-smiling as he did this.

"Come on already." Vash sighed. Gilbert paused in the door way. The sun dropped lower as Lily sat down turning her silhouette into another bewitching flower.
6 paaaaggesssss ;A;

Yeah, this is happening.

This actually took a lot less time than I had anticipated. I honestly hate the ending of this to deatthhh. It goes from being super serious and dramatic to everyone living in happy-fucking-lala-land. Yeah. Flower-silhouette? Really, Ashley? Really. That's how we're ending it? =_=;

Also, you were probably expecting France of Spain but I threw in Alfred because....well it was getting to serious for me. It started out with me making jokes of things he would say in my head and then...well it turned into a vast majority of the dialogue in this. xD Alfred can cheer anyone up and they both seem to have a lot in common so it just fit as Alfred being the comforting best friend. (In my world Prussia, America, and Denmark are best friends forever : D) Also, I'm sure you all have heard the "Really, bitch? Really?" at least once so I thought I'd change it to fit their situation. "Really, dick? Really?"


P A R T 1 : [link]
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